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RF Energy Harvesting

For the Low Energy Internet of Things

Imagine a world where your device never needs to be plugged in to charge but is powered from free, unused energy that is in the air around us.

Freevolt™ is a brand new innovative technology that provides power for Low Energy Internet of Things (LE-IoT) devices. Its a patent-pending, pioneering technology that harvests radio frequency (RF) energy from wireless and broadcast networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi & Digital TV.

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The Energy Opportunity

Freevolt RF energy harvesting is the way low energy IoT devices will be powered in the future. Freevolt technology can extend device lifetime by constantly trickle charging the battery and removing the need for battery swaps or plug-in charging.

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Powering The Low Energy Internet Of Things

We are at the start of a third wave of Internet connectivity - a world where billions of things will be connected; Sensors - Beacons - Wearables.

Battery swap or cable charging is one of the biggest limitations to the mass-market deployment in the LE-IoT industry, economically and environmentally.

Powering the low energy internet of things
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It is increasingly clear that for the Internet of Things to reach its true, world changing potential, we are going to need a more sustainable way of providing power to these low energy devices.

The solution is Freevolt RF energy harvesting that will change how we power & design low energy devices.

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CleanSpace™ Tag

The first commercial application of our revolutionary new Freevolt technology is the CleanSpace™ Tag, a personal air quality pollution sensor.

To purchase the world's first Freevolt powered consumer electronics product - the CleanSpace™ Tag - Click Here.

Drayson Technologies is the first to commercialisation of multi-band RF energy harvesting and is changing the way product companies will design and engineer Low Energy Internet of Things devices.


The CleanSpace™ Tag gives members of the CleanSpace™ Movement actionable, personal, air quality data (specifically carbon monoxide) and by crowd sourcing that data, provides a highly effective air quality network.

Air pollution is a growing concern, especially in our major cities and its impact on an individual’s health is a well-documented issue. The CleanSpace™ Tag will help create a crowd sourced network of people keen to make a difference and help us lead healthier lives.

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CleanSpace™ Tag

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Pollution is manmade, so is the solution.

Join the CleanSpace™ Movement by downloading the CleanSpace™ app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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Some of the early applications for Freevolt are listed below. However there are many more and, like any good technology, it will be the creativity and innovation of the international developer community that will truly realise Freevolt’s potential.


Freevolt enables a variety of sensor applications including air quality monitoring, temperature measurements, vibration, motion & smoke detection.

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