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For the Low Energy Internet of Things For the Low Energy Internet of Things


For the Low Energy Internet of Things

Freevolt™ offers the ability to provide continuous power to Low Energy IoT devices, freeing them from the constraints of power cables or the need to replace batteries. The value of Freevolt technology lies in the reduction in the total cost of ownership for companies who are deploying wirelessly connected devices, often in tens or hundreds of thousands, while Freevolt technology creates a far better user experience for consumers.

Companies have been researching how to harvest energy from wireless data networks for many years. But it is difficult because there it is only a small amount of energy available and achieving the right level of harvesting efficiency has been the issue – up until now.

With Freevolt, we have created something special. For the first time, we have solved the problem of harvesting usable energy from a small RF signal.

Many of the Low Energy Internet of Things devices never need to have their battery swapped or be charged via a cable. Freevolt technology can extend the battery life from months to years.

Check out below some first applications to explore how Freevolt technology can be integrated into your devices to enhance your customers’ experience.


Freevolt RF energy harvesting can simplify the Smart Home.

Smart Homes have multiple sensors and devices to help us better control our home environment. Freevolt can remove the worry of battery swaps and cable charging for many of these sensors making the smart home far simpler to manage.

A common Low Energy IoT sensor

In or Out - Hot or Cold

A Freevolt enabled home monitoring camera could be trickle-charged or powered by the wireless networks in your home. A room thermostat can send you information on room temperature, anytime, night or day, and a freezer thermostat can warn you if the freezer temperature is rising, even if you are on holiday.

Welcome to the Smart Building

Building sensors, powered by Freevolt can be built into the very fabric of new offices or homes enabling architects and designers to monitor and measure everything from air flows, temperatures, stress factors and vibration, bringing a new level of architectural pre- and post-construction monitoring to building design and control.

In all of these cases the benefit of the Freevolt technology means the sensor is easily deployed, and once set up - you may never need to recharge it with a cable or have to change its batteries.

Start your Freevolt Development Journey

We hope the above examples get you thinking – how can I use Freevolt to extend the lifetime of my existing and future devices to improve the user experience for my customers?

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