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Freevolt™ RF energy harvesting will change the face of the Internet of Things making us design devices in a totally new way. The electronics industry is getting more efficient at designing low power circuits and making the best use of the energy that is available to power devices - and with the growth in wireless data networks, there is more RF energy that goes unused that developers can harvest using Freevolt technology.

We have lots of ideas for Freevolt applications, some of them pretty wacky, but we bet you have more - so register your interest in helping to create a new Freevolt powered engineering movement that will change the face of the IoT world.

Join the other developers who are working with us to create a new world of Low Energy Internet of Things - all powered by Freevolt Technology

We hope the above examples get you thinking - how can I use Freevolt to improve the user experience for my customers?

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